Animation Apps

Here are some examples of apps and tools you could use to animation your learning. My favourite is Scratch because it brings in a definite element of Computational Thinking as well as a Digital Outcome that you need to Design.

Scratch Animation - Digestive System


Scratch is such a versatile tool. It is one of my favourites. Have a look at the slides. You need to think, design and problem solve to use this tool. I will help you but I will not spoon feed you the answers.

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Finding Apps in the App Launcher

A quick tutorial to help you find the apps I've pushed out to your Chrome accounts.

Stop Motion Animator

One of the first Stop Motion Animators I used. I have given you permission to install in on your Chromebooks.

If you are on a Chromebook, the app will be in the launcher or Click Here to install.

Clap Motion

Another great tool for creating animations. Think about how you would position a school device to take photos.

It's in your app launcher or Click Here.

Book Creator

This is not an animation tool but a great tool for sharing your writing in a book format. Ask your teacher for the code to join their class and use your School Account to sign up.

Again, it's in your app launcher or Click Here.


Use your pen tool, mouse etc to create animations (gifs). Have a look at the tutorial. This one is for you artists out there.

Click Here to launch in a browser.

Again use your school credentials to sign up.